Born in 1981, the French painter and performer Quentin Paquignon aka Kentin is a multi-talented artist.

After spending 18 years in music school and 10 years in classical dancing, artistic creation has no secret for him. Writing, composing and dancing are his various means of expression, painting then appeared in his life in 1998. As a self-made man, Quentin Paquignon presented his first exhibition 6 months after having completed his first painting. People can see that painting is, for him, an inseparable part of his creative expression because he displays almost all his work at every exhibition.

In July 2005, Kentin settled down in Shanghai to blend his technique and modes of expression with oriental techniques such as traditional and vanguard Chinese painting. As a symbol of this cultural blend, Quentin Paquignon is currently working on designs to paint onto the Volkswagen Santana hood. What else could better represent the Shanghai life of foreigners and Shanghainese people who use this means of transportation? For him, the VW Santana hood symbolises the life of each of us. Our long enduring interaction to the world, our small part in its story. By working with the basic metal structure he can form it into a sculpture, by associating use of various colours, materials and techniques he reinforces the symbolism of the final product.

Each item of his collection is a hymn to life and to our common future: the cultural mingling of East and West.

Kentin (aka Quentin Paquignon) Shanghai Taxi paintings had been exhibited in Shanghai (China), London (UK), Barcelona (Spain), Montreux (Switzerland), Paris (France), Würth Museum (Germany).



  • 2011, 11.  Art Salon of  Val de Marne (La Varenne Saint Hilaire, France)
  • 2010, 11.  Exhibition « Caverne de la Belette » (Coulommiers, France)
  • 2010, 05. Solo Exhibition : « Shanghai Taxi Painter » Gallery Fenêtres-Images (Saint Maur)
  • 2009, 06. Exhibition « The Artistic Process » Atelier Myriagone (Saint Maur, France)
  • 2009, 01. Exhibition Art and Artifacts (Montrouge, France)
  • 2009, 01. Arts and Tones (St Maur, France)
  • 2008, 10. ARTSHOPPING (Paris-FR)
  • 2007, 09. Exhibition Galeriazero (Barcelona-Spain)
  • 2007, 09. Exhibition Gallery 27, Cork Street (London, UK)
  • 2007, 04. Solo Exhibition Gronau, (Gronau-Germany)
  • 2007, 03. Artforum Montreux 2007, (Montreux-Swizterland)
  • 2006, 12. Live painting and installation Le Royal Meridien (Shanghai-China)
  • 2006, 06. Exhibition “ A story of Graffiti” at In Factory, (Shanghai, China)
  • 2006, 04. Live Painting for Microfabrique at Fabrique (Shanghai, China)
  • “Power of Dream”, (Collection Würth, Würth Museum, Künzelsau-Gaisbach, Germany)
  • 2006, 03. Auction at Business Woman of the Year 2006 . (JW Marriott, Shanghai, China)
  • 2006, 03. Live Painting for Microfabrique at Fabrique (Shanghai,China)
  • 2006, 03. Live Painting at Westin Hotel Shanghai
  • 2006, 02. Live Painting 8th and 29th Shanghai Surnatural Collective at JZ Club, (Shanghai, China)
  • 2006, 01. Solo Exhibition “ Hymn of Metal #2” (Espace Pébéo, Moganshan Lu, Shanghai, China)
  • 2005, 12. Solo Exhibition “Hymn of Metal #1” (The Room with a View Gallery, Shanghai, China)
  • 2005, 05. 3rd Shanghai Spring Art Salon (Shanghai, China)
  • 2005, 03. 4th Art Exhibition at Créteil (Créteil, France)
  • 2005, 02. 48th Art Exhibition at Le Bourget (Le Bourget, France)
  • 2004, 10. Solo Exhibition at « Refuge Café » (Paris, France)
  • 2004, 02. Exhibition at Musée du Louvre (Paris, France)
  • 2002, 10. Solo Exhibition at Maison Joseph II (Ermenonville, France)
  • 2001, 12. Exhibition at Espace Jemmapes (Paris, France)
  • 2001, 03. Solo Exhibition at « Kabal Café » (Paris, France)
  • 2000, 06. Solo Exhibition at « Le Petit Gervex » (Paris, France)
  • 2000, 03. Solo Exhibition at « Broca » (Paris, FR)
  • 1999, 10. Solo Exhibition at Espace Donald Carldwell (Draveil, FR)
  • 1999, 09. Design of the CD’s sleeve of the Quintet Sax ofParis.
  • 1999, 06. First prizewinner at the Exhibition Arts Pluriels (Saint-Maur, France)