While the Shanghainese jazz scene is expanding rapidly in the 2000’s, QUENTIN PAQUIGNON, LEONARDO SUSI, TINHO PEREIRA and GIOVANI CHATON decide to settle down in the Chinese megalopolis.

Sharing their love for fast rhythms, sunny melodies, and elaborate improvisations, the four musicians, eager of musical discoveries, share rapidly the JZ Club and House of Blues and Jazz stages.

Quentin Paquignon’s musicality meets TINHO PEREIRA’s on the Westin Bund Center stage, where they will play for several months with the French singer Jessica Maurer. Soon the trio invites LEONARDO SUSI to join them to create the Universal Quartet and perform with the band on the jazz stages of Shanghai, Hangzhou Music Festival, Shanghai Oriental Center, MGM Grand Macau, while GIOVANI CHATON performs on his side with Mauritius bands as Noukila, Johnny Joseph Band.

Quickly, PAQUIGNON, PEREIRA and SUSI play regularly at the CJW Shanghai with the Brazilian piano player Luiz Fernando Vital. When Vital chooses to go back to his country, the trio asks naturally GIOVANI CHATON to join the band, the QUENTIN PAQUIGNON QUARTET is born.

Coloring the jazz standards with Brazilian and Mauritius musical pigments, the QUENTIN PAQUIGNON QUARTET develops quickly a mixed jazz repertoire by arranging compositions of Stefano Di Battista, Yusef Lateef, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Michel Camilo, the Texier-Romano-Sclavis Trio, Hadouk Trio, Laco Tayfa.

Today, the originality and musical skills of the QUENTIN PAQUIGNON QUARTET cannot be questioned anymore for the cosmopolitan public of Shanghai.